Fall Prevention

Falls are a serious issue for older adults. An estimated one in three older adults fall each year. In Ontario, adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer an injury from falling than the rest of the population. Ontario spends $1 billion per year addressing fall-related injuries in older adults, despite the fact that most falls are predictable and preventable. Let’s raise the profile of fall prevention and help everyone see their part in keeping our seniors healthy and active (Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre).

NOVEMBER IS FALL PREVENTION MONTH!  - Visit the Fall Prevention Monrth website, lots of information and resources for both adults and children- click here

Falls in Ontario, (Adults 65+)

  • over 100,000 emergency department visitis
  • over 20,000 hospital admissions
  • = 1 billion in direct costs and more than 2,000 lives lost

Common types of falls include:  1. Slips & trips   2. Falls on stairs  3. Falls from furniture

Safe Communities partners visited pharmacies to promote Fall Prevention. 

Thanks to Kiran Garcha and Joanne Ball of Grafton Healthcare Pharmacy, one of many pharmacies, for supporting the delivery of our Fall Prevention resources in the community.

Fall Prevention Resources                   

Tri-Fold Brochure here

Watch our Fall Prevention Video - when watching it on YouTube, click on "CC" for subtitles/close captions


Community Care Northumberland  - please see the flyer here for a list of free Falls Prevention Programs for seniors throughout Northumberland County.  Community Care also offers excercise classes - click here to see the flyer

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Fall Prevention Program

  • 12 week program run out of the Physiotherapy Gym at the hospital
  • Topics include:  Impact of falls, home safety, bone health, medications, chronic conditions including economic factors, clothing, footwear and foot care, risk-taking behaviour and best practices
  • Tuesday/Thursday from 2-3 pm
  • Interested seniors are encouraged to call 705-653-1140 ext. 2216 for more program information

Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre
Click here to visit their Events Calendar and browse the classes, activities and workshops.

Town Park Recreation Centre, Port Hope  (link to Seniors Programs)
Heart Health Excercise at the Town Park Recreation Centre
Specialized Class is designed for those who need to pay extra attention to their heart and physical health with any chronic condition.  Work on your walking, balance, muscle strength, endurance and range of motion while improving your overall fitness and function.
Mondays & Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:30 am
Registered Kinesiologist Joyce Nowocin, Exercise is Medicine Level 2 Instructor 
Call Joyce at 905-375-7120 or Julia at 905-885-7908 for more information

FREE Online Fall Prevention Course now available!  Positive Steps Work is a free online, fall prevention course designed for care providers working with seniors in their homes.

The Positive Steps Work e-learning course link is provided with permission from Durham Region Health Department.  Click here to get started!


Preventing Falls and Reducing Injury from Falls here- Clinical Best Practice Guidelines, September 2017 (RNAO)

Safe Living Guide here  A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors  (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Fall Hazards - check out the Ministry of Labour website and the resources to keep yourself and your workers safe here

Falls in Ontario - Adults 65+ here (Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre)

Fall Prevention in Children (ages 0-6) here (Parachute Canada)

Home Safety Checklist here (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility here

Rate My Treads - a website that provides ratings for various types of winter footwear for their slip resistance in different winter conditions - click here

F-  Fitness (keep fit for strength and balance and don't let fear of falling prevent social interaction and regular activity in or out of your home)

A- Assistive devices (such as grab bars, walkers, canes, wheelchairs) need to be installed and used correctly

L- Look for factors that can cause falls (poorly fitting shoes and clothing, scatter rugs or mats, slippery floors and sidewalks, clutter, poor lighting, etc.)

L- Let your support system (family, friends, doctors) know of any near falls or unsteadiness.  They could be related to medication side-effects or other health issues.

S- Schedule a yearly health check-up (including vision and hearing)

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Updated October 18, 2019