On Road / Off Road Safety

Watch our new video and remember to #BrightenUp!


Steve Guthrie from Chex-tv produced a great segment on the importance of Be Bright - Be Seen - Be Safe  #BrightenUp
NEW - Read "Reflect on your Choices on Rural Roads" here

Road safety is the responsibility of all road users.

Reflective clothing, including items like reflective zipper pulls, are a good way to be seen at night #BrightenUp

Safe Communities Northumberland County wants you to Brighten Up! at dawn and dusk.  Whether you are taking your dog for an evening walk, going out for a jog before the sun comes up or riding your bike or skateboard, please make yourself visible to drivers by wearing reflective clothing.  Motorists - stay alert and watch for other road users.

Rural Roads:  Northumberland County has many rural roads and these roads have certain characteristics that can be more hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists, such as fewer lit streets, lack of sidewalks and less traffic controls (traffic lights, stop signs, etc.).

Remember to walk facing traffic. 


Reflective Gear:  Dawn & Dusk Safety for the Outdoor Enthusiast here

Wear Reflective Gear at Night - No White at Night Challenge here

November 2016:  The Office for Injury Prevention, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Police Services, CAA, Ontario's trauma centres and other road safety partners invite you to Be Alert, Be Seen - a provincial road safety campaign.  View the  "Shine" video here and the "Not so Funny" video here


                                                                       at the NHCC Annual General Meeting


Farm 911 The Emily Project - read more about this project on their website here and on Facebook here



All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety here (Parachute Canada)

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Distracted Driving here Parents play a key role in preventing injuries and deaths to young drivers.  In this powerful new video, teens speak direclty to parents about the responsibility they have as a role model (Hastings Prince Edward Public Heatlh Unit)

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Water Safety - check out links here

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Updated January 23, 2018